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The Visual QuickMenu design tool is a browser based tool which runs fastest in Firefox, Safari and Netscape. Internet Explorer users may experience 1 to 5 second delays when editing certain menu settings.
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Note: If the above link does not work, you may have to temporarily enable pop-ups for this page in the browser. Alternatively, the interface may be loaded in this window by clicking 本页打开here.
Visual Design Compatibility
Menu Compatibility
Text Based Customization
All QuickMenus are fully customizable with a text editor. Saved menus include simple to follow comments, standardized CSS settings, and HTML based pure CSS structures. If you want to bypass the visual design completely and skip directly to text based editing, do the following...
  1. Launch the visual interface above.
  2. Choose a template.
  3. Open the template in the visual editor using the 'Customize Menu' button.
  4. Choose 'File' --> 'Create Component' from the main menu.
  5. Follow the steps for saving the menu.
  6. Optionally save associated template images with 'File' --> 'Publish Images'
Image File Refernces
QuickMenu places the full power of both relative and absolute based image file references in the designers hand. All images should be defined absolute, or relative to what will be the final folder location of your menu. The following options will allow you to see your images during visual design, and have them present after the menu is published to your documents.
  1. If you use http:// absolute paths, your images will be visible during design and when published, no matter the folder location of the menu.
  2. For relative referencing, try saving or publishing a template to your local or live web site folder. Next, re-open the menu, all relative references will now be visible during design.
  3. Copy the contents of the 'qmvis' folder to a folder in your web site, then open 'lauch_qmv.html' in your browser. All references will work relative to that folder!